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World Languages

Dania Alvarez

Eduardo Escudero

Karla Maddrey

Alicia Rodriguez-Smith​​


Jim Brockman

Patricia Gissendanner

Yung Romano

Christina Rutledge

Dianne Schroeder

Tiffany Ewell      Email

Kelly Smith        Email

Kristin Edge       Email
Strawberry Crest High School
4691 Gallagher Road
Dover, FL  33527
PH:  (813) 707-7522

Principal:  Dave Brown

Ryan Guarisco

Wendy Beaver

​​Robert Brown

Alli Kelly

Arthur Roberts
Social Studies

Daniel Cribb

Karly Dell

​​Jamie Ferrario
Jill McEwen

​​Kaeley Morello

​​Kendall Nickerson​​


Kim Barclay

​​Jonathan Ferrer 

Jennifer Friebolin
​ ​​Beth Hyers   

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)   -   Ryan Haczynski
IB Assistant Principal:

IB Guidance Counselor:

IB Secretary:​​​​​

Inquiry Skills

Jodie Peace​​