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Did you know IB students have access to the USF Library? Click here for more information.
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1. Check out the CAS Page

​​2. Join the group called "IB Students" on Edsby.

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@SCHSGuidance1 for updates for general news from the Guidance Department. Be sure to check out #communityservice

4. Always be on the lookout for flyers in classrooms​

​​Check out the SCHS Guidance page for information on:

-Bright Futures
-Tutoring information​
-Help with college applications
-Letters of recommendation​
-SCHS School profile​
-The SAT and ACT
-Dual Enrollment

​......and so much more!​
Attention Incoming 9th graders! ​I know you may be eager to learn about CAS, Here's what you need to know....

All students will receive a full orientation in the fall. In the meantime, it's important to know that all activities must be pre-approved and require documentation by a supervisor (who isn't family.)  Don't  begin a CAS activity without double-checking to make sure it counts. We track through a system called ManageBac but paper forms will be accepted over the summer. You can use the activity logs here in the meantime. Keep records of everything you do and your activities can be transferred to ManageBac after your fall orientation. 

 Mrs. Smith can be reached at 707-7522 x242​​ or kellym.smith@hcps.net

All CAS experiences are now tracked through ManageBac. Issues or questions? Contact Mrs. Smith!