Home of the Chargers
March, 2014

     1     Class of 2014 Senior Banquet Tickets
            go on sale
     3     Strawberry Festival Day - No School for
            Eastern Hillsborough County
     4     Part B of 2015's Extended Essay DUE
     5     Talent Show Dress Rehearsal, after school
            in the auditorium
     6     Talent Show, 6:00pm, Auditorium
10-14    Spring Break - No School
     18    2015's Extended Essay Outline DUE
     29    IB Spring Picnic and IB Board Elections 
             Medard Park, 11:00a - 2:00p
    31     Last Day to order 2014 Yard Signs
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 Daryl Bagley, Kelvin Gibson,
 Kendall Johnson and Sarah Rowley
Congratulations to our 2014 National Commended Scholars

Daryl Bagley
Victoria Harris
Timothy Hartwick
Kathryn Hilber
Erik Legge
Kevin Lukose
Jordan Smith
Jessica Alzamora
Matthew Baker
Jonathan Calzadilla
Robert Chrostowski
Brian Do
Kelvin Gibson
Yasmin Ibarra
Merinn Jacobs
Joshua Judge
Kristin Knotts
Vishnu Kulkarni
Katie Pryde
Natalie Stahr
Kayla Symonds
                          NOTICE OF VACANCY

The Strawberry Crest IB Partnership is actively seeking applicants to fill the vacant ‎Secretary position on the Executive Board. You are invited to submit your name or ‎the name of another to be considered for this position.‎
‎ ‎
Nomination applications should be emailed to the Nomination Committee (SCHS.IBPartner@gmail.com) no later ‎than 5:00pm, Friday, June 13, 2014. Applications can be downloaded from the ‎IB Partnership website home page at SCHS-IBPartner.org.‎
‎ ‎
Nominees must be a member in good standing with the IB Partnership. Candidates ‎must be able to attend two board meetings each month.‎

Congratulations to Our
2014 National Merit Semi-Finalists
It's Never too Early for
the SCHS Yearbook!

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2014 National Achievement
2014 National Commended Scholars
National Achievement Outstanding Participants
Junior Pinning
Congratulations to the 2015 Juniors who received their IB pin as they officially begin their journey in the ​International Baccalaureate
​Diploma Programme.
The "Sweet Success" is yours!​
Sebastian Fearon and
Aaron Tobert
National Hispanic Scholars
Sam Alfonso
Jessica Alzamora
Jonathan Calzadilla
Timothy Hartwick
Yasmin Ibarrra
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