​April 2019

​4 Sr. Testing Mtg. at the Boring Ctr. ​           ​5  CAS Deadline for 10th and 12th Grade  8  No School 
9 SAT during the school day
10 FSA Writing for our IB 9th and 10th grade                                                           
​11 Report Cards
16 IBPP Elections                 ​                      18 Senior Honors Recognition
19 No School
30 Cap and Gown Distribution​​

May 2019

1-2 FSA Reading for IB 9th and 10th
2 Last Day for IB Seniors
7-24 IB Exams for Srs
6-31 AP Exams
28 IB Banquet​​​​
31 Graduation 4pm / Last Day of School​


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Congratulations to our 2019 - 2020
​ IBPP Executive Board

President - Tiffany Bullard
VP of Membership - Niketa Thakkar
VP of Fundraising / Events -
Jennifer West
Secretary - Shilpa Pansuriya
Treasurer - Wendy Shelby
Historian - Dharini Patel
Senior Liaison - Jennifer Crow
Junior Liaison - Lisa McCool
Sophomore Liaison - Jennifer Friebolin
​Freshman​ Liaison - Jennifer McClard

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Please enjoy the Class of 2019 Senior Slideshows shared at the Senior Banquet!

"Informal" (With Music)

"Formal" (With Student Names​)

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Thank you to everyone who volunteered for parking at the festival this year! We raised over $8,000!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 -10!

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